January 1, 1997

Post #677 – 19970101


My name is Matt, and I have read (I think) all of your books. I grew up on you and Roald Dahl (don’t worry, I’m still young), and I wrote you a letter at oh, lets say age 7. You sent me a really cool postcard of you in your driveway by your car, with multiple copies of your head floating around. I have just finished reading The Worms Of Kukumlima for probably the 3rd time, and I looked at the back flap. It told of your extensive collection of false noses, and I was wondering, just how extensive is it? I really love all of your books, and I wish you a long and happy writing career. I hope to have one myself.

-Matt Age:14

Daniel replies:

It's pretty extensive. I own the Sunday best nose of Tycho Brahe, the Prodigious Proboscis of Prague, the Sacred Snoot of Singapore, the Miracle-nose of Nostrildamus, the missing nose of the Great Sphinx, and many others.