January 1, 1997

Post #674 – 19970101

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

You are definatly my favorite author and “Borgel” is definatly my favorite book. i originally had a soft cover version but it fell apart after about the 20th reading so i was forced to special order a hard cover copy. (i live in alaska. you can’t get anything up here.) i plan on passing it down to my children and thier children. i push your books on people like a Jehovah’s Witness. “Go on, read it!” I say. “The man’s a genius, I tell you!” i have two cats and an iguana. I own a copy of Lizard Music too. I had been a little apprehensive at contacting you for a while because i thought i might find out that you are dead or something. Thanks to you i also have a fixation on Hoboken and I’m looking for a cheap apartment there in my spare time. my mom calls it The Promised Land. well, there were a million things i wanted to talk about but now that i’m here i can’t think of a one.


p.s. how do you pronounce Fafner?

Daniel replies:

It's not true you can't get anything in Alaska. You can get walrus, and frostbite, to name only two things. You can't get walrus in Hoboken, though there have been people living there who resemble them, (me, for one). I took my temperature just after reading your message, and it appears I am not dead. I want to thank you for bringing this up. Now that I know I'm not dead, I may as well do some more writing. Fans are useful in drawing a writer's attention to things like that. I like BORGEL myself, not that I remember all that much about it.

P.S. Fafner is pronounced ""fotheringay.""