Bob Eiffert

January 1, 1997

Post #672 – 19970101

My first experience with your writing was The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death; I discovered it in the college library’ children’s section where I was studying and struggling to become a librarian. (I was spending too much time in the children’s section was the main reason I was struggling.)

The professor didn’t know about your work.

Have you ever tried to do an oral book report on one of your books?

When I got my first position, I bought as many of your books as were still in print.

I recommend ( and push) your books on any teacher I know will appreciate them. He should be writing you soon.

Glad to hear they are reprinting Avacodo, wish I could be reading it now.

Daniel replies:

So, it would seem you graduated in spite of having read books of mine. I won't publicly accuse you of bribery or coercion, but one can't help but wonder. No, I have never given an oral report, or a report of any kind, on a book of mine, but I plan someday to review on as the once-a-month children's book maven on Weekend Edition Saturday. I will treat it as it deserves, but they will edit out the expletives.