Dr. Bruce Rockwood & Fami

January 1, 1997

Post #665 – 19970101

About four years ago, we checked out Borgel from the Boothbay Harbor Library just before summer vacation ended. I read aloud two or three chapters to my boys, Nate and Alex, but had to return it to go back to Pa. The following summer we checked it out and the bookmark was where we left it. This time I read it from the beginning and made an audio tape of it, which the boys listen to after bed time read aloud. After much listening the third tape I made got tangled, so I ordered a paperback of Borgel and made a new third tape (tapes are special if you do them, say, at the beach or near the rocks, hear seagulls in the background and the like). We always look for new Pinkwater books and think he is one of the greatest authors going! Bruce, Sue, Nate and Alex Rockwood

Daniel replies:

Wow. I am so moved to think of your family's enjoyment of my work, I am not even going to have you prosecuted for making an unauthorized tape recording. Were the seagulls union members?