Tim Whittemore

January 1, 1997

Post #663 – 19970101

Dear Daniel,

I have a permanent memory from your Cartalk comments describing car manufacturers’ lack of ergonomical considerations toward big-bellied Bubbas like myself. This automaker oversight would also apply to expectant mothers. In another 7 months, I will be a new father, and soon, our little Toyota Corolla will seem small not only to me, but my partner, Beth.

This Halloween, I had more of your voice etched into my brain. I can’t forget about Nadine the giant chicken. “She’s a real Shtarker, isn’t she.” I was recording with my band Big Blow and the Bushwackers in the glorious NPR studio 4A. We created the music and sound effects for the multi-authored story you were part of – “A Halloween Journey”. The only sound we didn’t create was the clucking that all the authors added. (I can’t tell which cluck was yours.)

I had to tell you it was fun working with you (so to speak), and to thank you for being the representative voice of the D.I.E.T.- C.A.R. (Drivers in ergonomic turmoil – creating automotive responsibility).


Tim Whittemore

P.S. – Do you know of any good kids’ books?

Daniel replies:

I noticed that the music with that patched-together Halloween story was the best thing in it. Well, it was all in fun--and more enjoyable than the news. I believe the text and Realaudio are posted at the NPR site, for people who like to listen to the radio through their computers. Thanks for coming by.