Young Dave Wooten

January 1, 1997

Post #657 – 19970101

At some point in my life, dear Danny, I was reading a funny children’s book I had picked out of the heaps at the bookstore. I had a funny feeling. It didn’t lessen. I had read this Before. And suddenly, in a flash, I remembered a librarian pointing me to Daniel Manus Pinkwater’s Lizard Music (as she was at a loss for finding other books I hadn’t read.. “well, as a last straw..”) The rest is hazy, but I’ve been reading all of your books again and I finally came across Wingman which nearly brought tears to my eyes as I was so familiar with it and had cared for it so much, and even remembered caring for it but hadn’t known which book it was. It’s not that I’m older than twenty-three, or anything, but thanks.

Daniel replies:

Gosh. How moving. There are times when I think I must be some good writer. Then there are the other 23 hours and 59 minutes. But I'm glad the books meant something to you.