The Famous Chicken Guy of

January 1, 1997

Post #656 – 19970101

When I read Lizard Music when i was a kid I got to the part about the gorilla eating the guy “like a cookie” and physically lost control of myself. I distinctly remember jumping up and then hurling myself headfirst at the sofa.

Today I am a professional juggler and magician named The Chicken Guy. My chicken is stuffed and doesn’t do tricks, but she does sit on my head during every performance.

Is the story you tell in Chicago Nights/Hoboken Days about a “boy from mars” causing a riot at your school true?

Thanks a million times over-Tom A. The Famous Chicken Guy of Akron, Ohio

Daniel replies:

Chicken Guy--you carry on a noble traditon, as a chicken-entertainer. That is to say, one who entertains incorporating a chicken in his act, not one who entertains chickens, which is another matter entirely.