Daniel Kobayshi

January 1, 1997

Post #653 – 19970101

Dear Captin Pinkwater,

Having sent a bussiness letter amoment ago I thought I should take a moment to write a more personal letter. When I was in fifth grade and I discovered Fat Men From Space and was delighted to learn that there was an adult that could be as strange as my friends and I. I was pleased and encouraged. I realized that people with imaginations like mine have a place in the world and a productive place at that. Years later, my mom bought me a copy of Fish Whistle and it chan ged my life. It truly is big A art. I’m a college student now but relentlessly hawk your work to any kid I can find and many adults. Nearly everyone loves it. I read a posting on this page aboyut a guy who is writing a song based on lizard Music. I’m also a bit of a musician and have contemplated trying to write a song duplicating the singing of the giant worms from The Worms of Kukumlima What do you think? I believe the world needs mpre worm music.

Anyways, I’d jsut like to thank you for all the pleasure and inspiration you’ve given me over the years.

Daniel replies:

Your business letter was forwarded by the good Aileron. It arrived garbled, so I have no idea what it was about, and my reply was refused. If you ask Aileron nicely, he may give you my e-mail address.