Keith Bailey

January 1, 1997

Post #650 – 19970101

I KNEW there was a Pinkwater WWW page somewhere! I’ve finally found it!

Here’s another person writing to thank you for many happy reading hours growing up. My brother introduced me to the first “Snarkout Boys” book when I was 12, and I haven’t stopped since. In “Fish Whistle”, you mentioned that MAD “was drawn and written just for me.” Mr. Pinkwater, you wrote those books just for me.

Several years ago, I came across the paperback for “Young Adults”, and there was at the end of the book the uncompleted “The Dada Boys In Collitch”. I have never seen the finished version. I know you must have been asked this before, but is the finished novel ever going to be released?

Daniel replies:

One never knows. The Dada Boys in Collitch might get written, but probably in a form hardly recognizable. I have in hand, still unfinished, a high school story, which is in some respects a reprise of the Snarkout books. If I were to take the character in that book on a couple of years, into college, I might be able to cover some of the concerns I first developed in the Dada one--or not.

Let me add here, as good a place as any, that I hope people who post here will not be shy about sending copies of their posts vis-a-vis my work to my editor at FSG, (address listed in my special post at the top of this section). Or send your original remarks. Your heavily edited quote could appear over your name on the dust jacket of a Pinkwater book! This is a transparent scheme to sell books--the publisher's idea is that at least those who contributed blurbs will buy a copy. Still, I urge you all to send in your remarks. I like the idea of blurbs from real readers instead of authors who probably didn't read the book, but are addicted to seeing their names in print. Also, maybe add after your name that you are the CEO of AT&T, or a mental patient, or whatever. In my opinion, the publisher ought to send a free copy of the book to at least those whose quotes are used, not to say all who submit them.