Ian Stoba

January 1, 1997

Post #644 – 19970101

I am a school librarian in California. Last year my workload had increased to the point where the school actually agreed to hire someone to help me out part time. I was trying to decide if I should offer the job to one of my loafing friends or actually try to find someone who would work for the low wages when I had the following conversation with an interviewee:

Me: “Who is your favorite author?”

Him: “Daniel Pinkwater.”

Me: “What’s your favorite book?”

Him: “Young Adults”

Me: “You’re hired!”

Me: “Wait, do you know anything about working in a library?”

Him: “No, nothing.”

Me: “Don’t worry about it, you’ll do fine.”

And in fact that’s just the way it has turned out!

One more thought:

As the Republican convention gets ready to start, has it occured to anyone else that Bob Dole may in reality be an iguana wearing a Bob Dole mask?

Daniel replies:

You're one of those librarians. You are going to be blamed, not me. (See my post above).