Dennis, I will send Ailer

January 1, 1997

Post #640 – 19970101

I’m a 43 year old teenager who’s relived his childhood reading the wonderful adventure novels of Daniel M., especially the Snark Out Boys, Kukumlima, Lizard Music. If Goosebumps can kick out dozens of schlocky stories, why can’t you do the same with the Snark Out Boys? The Snark Out Boys and The Bagel of Doom, The Snark Out Boys and the Very Scary Rhododendron. Son of Lizard Music. Get to work, Pinkwater!

Daniel replies:

Brad, it takes me some little time to crank out a schlocky story. That's why there is no Snarkbumps series, and why the creator of Goosebumps deserves his wealth. Speed is everything, and I am not built for speed. (See my response to Jason, above). You can write fast and well, or you can write slow and lousy. I prefer the latter, and so do my readers, who also tend to like spam with cream sauce, and off-brand toothpaste. There's room for everyone in the Great Democracy.