Nicolette Bowen

January 1, 1997

Post #636 – 19970101

I have been a fan since Lizard Music was published. My personal favorite is Alan Mendolsohn. I particularly want to thank you for writing the sort of children’s books that an adult can read aloud hundreds of times without going utterly insane. When my daughter was two, she decided that Aunt Lulu was her favorite book in the whole world–I probably read it to her once or twice a night for at least six months. Now my 18-month-old son has discovered it, and I find that I still enjoy reading it! Like Aunt Lulu, I work in a library, but, alas, my job doesn’t involve a dogsled. Thanks again!

Daniel replies:

Wow--such praise! You bring a blush to the cheek of DP. I have such neat readers. This is not true of everybody who writes--and to some degree offsets the comparative poverty and obscurity and the rotten way I am treated by publishers. Thanks for the kind words!