Fred Robey

January 1, 1997

Post #633 – 19970101

Captin Pinkwater,

It is I Fred again. I have a question that has developed since starting Chicago days/Hobboken Nights. The Question about your picture on the cover. You looked very pleased in a sly way is it because you are happy you wrote the book ? Or is it The fact you will get people to write you and ask you questions on the cover of this book? Well one last thing, I read Fishwistle I cried at the part where your dog passed on. I wanted to share that with you because…….well I guess I just did.

Reading your Books,

Fred Robey


Mush was very good I laughed very hard at the end.

Daniel replies:

The fact is I am usually pleased in a sly way because the features of my life suit me so admirably, and here I am, doing just what I like to do, and people like it, and I even get paid, (after a fashion). I'd be some ingrate to look anything but pleased.