Bernadette Noll

January 1, 1997

Post #632 – 19970101

I do live in a place where middle eastern delights do not exist. Things such as good pizza, good hotdogs and good bagels are unheard of here in Texas. Many try to replicate but none have achieved the perfect toughness and doughiness of a real New Jersey bagel, yeast bubbles on pizza are practically unheard of and no, I don’t think Vienna hotdogs are available ANYWHERE within a thousand miles or so of Austin. I do return to my beloved middle eastern home state a couple times a year to remind my tastebuds of how they are really meant to be. Yellow mustard huh? The other fixings we add but the yellow mustard is what we are lacking. Thanks for the tip.

Daniel replies:

I feel I have to say that, except for bagels, I believe that eating this kind of thing very often will kill you. I know that as a fat person, and because of certain themes that appear in my work, I am assumed by many to be a completely reckless eater--but it's not the case. Treat those frankfurters with the respect you would give a loaded pistol.