January 1, 1997

Post #624 – 19970101

My nine year old son, for reasons I will never understand, selected Lizard Music as a book to do a book report on for his fourth grade class. As I was helping him outline his report I could not understand what on earth he was talking about … things like the Chicken Man, and Claudia, and a Lizard Band. I thought perhaps he had lost his mind. To satisfy myself he had not I read the book, whereupon I immediately realozed why he was having so much trouble explaining it in his book report.

I should have had him staple a copy of the book to the report form with a note saying “Here, you figure it out!” Unfortunately, his teacher has little appreciation for such suggestions. So he wrote his report as best he could. It must have been ok … he got a 97 on it. He tells me he really likes your writing.

He now has to write another book report. But I don’t know if I will let him select another of your books because I will have to read it too! See what you have done to an already too busy parent!

Daniel replies:

You're from Benton Harbor, right?