Gary Myerberg

January 1, 1997

Post #616 – 19970101


I just listened to you on NPR, I have always been a great fan of yours and now NOW we have both discovered that “you are what you eat.”

I was at the end of my rope healthwise with a chronic lower gut condition that was killing me, no doctor could help so I decided to go vegan. I used this stuff called “The Ultimate Meal” as you are using ratatoie(excuse the spelling gulp!) and I am cured!! lost the weight I needed and im feeling like King Kong myself! After 15 years of struggle it was that simple. This stuff I found is amazing and believe me I do not have any intrest in this company but I feel you should try this stuff it has everything you need and provides optimum health 1-800-the-meal.

All The Best, your biggest fan

Gary Myerberg

Daniel replies:

What does the stuff taste like? If it's made of dried turnip tops, and seaweed I bet I can concoct something nicer out of fress ingredients. But I will call and get the literature--maybe get some ideas. Thanks.