Ian Stoba

January 1, 1997

Post #615 – 19970101

Hi there,

Last week I went to Walter Cronkite’s book signing. Now, I was a major Cronkite fan as a kid. My brother and I always played evening news and fought over who got to be Cronkite and who had to be Roger Mudd. When I turned 3 the only person in the world I wanted to come to my birthday was Walter Cronkite. He sent me a nice card, but didn’t make it to the party. I have not celebrated my birthday since. No kidding.

So, anyway, it was a big thing for me to meet him. Everyone else there had shelled out $35 for his memoirs. I brought a copy of Lizard Music to give to him. He was a little startled to be getting a book at a book signing, but he quickly recovered. After all, he _is_ Walter Cronkite. Anyhow, I hope he enjoys the book.

Do you [know] if he has read Lizard Music, or if he is aware of the book? He didn’t seem to recognize it when I gave it to him.

Daniel replies:

I think Roger Mudd had some comment on the book. I don't know if Walter ever did. But I did have an 8 x 10 of him in my office in Hoboken. This reminds me. I mean to ask for a picture of Robert Siegel, to glue to my left speaker.