Tyler Hewitt

January 1, 1997

Post #613 – 19970101

Yes, you’ve heard this a billion times before, but I love your work! Like you once did, I currently am spending my time by studying to be a SERIOUS ARTIST, but I may someday come to my senses. Your writing is a constant reminder that some things are best not taken too seriously (although I think that there are bits of seriousness in your books-no matter what you claim). I love your use of name irony, I’ve laughed aloud many times while reading your books. My favorites are Young Adult Novel, and Devil In the Drain.

Daniel replies:

Sculptor David Nyvall, with whom I apprenticed 3 years, went to Cranbrook, (long considered the best art school there is). And I personally ate two meals in a Lebanese Reataurant in Bloomfield Hills, (or the next town--I forget which). Serious artist? Seriously? Wow.