Jesse Ross

January 1, 1997

Post #610 – 19970101

Hi, DP

Do you know what the title of your second “Lizard Music” book is going to be? And do you know when it will come out?

I just read “Attila The Pun” and it was great! No, I don’t mean great, I mean really really GREAT! The jokes in attila were the funniest I’ve ever read(or heard) Thanks for writing Attila The Pun!, one of the best books of all time.

Do you know if any of your out-of-print books will be Re-published? I hope they will because I havn’t gotten a chance to read the out-of-print books.

Oh yeah, remember you RULE!

Daniel replies:

Not only do I not know what the title of the Lizard Music sequel is going to be, I change my mind as to what it's going to be about every couple of days. Out of print books: If you read around in this section of Aileron's magnificent website, you'll come across many references to the ""5 Novels,"" due in a few months from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. If the people who drop by here buy 2 copies each, and persuade 2 friends to buy 2 copies, and promise to persuade yet 2 others to buy 2 copies, and persuade 2 others....etc. Then, FSG will be happy with their 90% of the proceeds, and publish another collection. My original idea was to publish 2 really fat paperbacks with about 20 books, but no publisher would do that, because it would only cost slightly more than the 5 Novels book, and publishing it would be too useful and intelligent.