Erica Schoeneberg

January 1, 1997

Post #609 – 19970101

Wow. O.K., when I was in the fourth grade I secretly built a fort in my closet complete with reading lamp, blankets, pillow, cheese and crackers. After my mom tucked me in one night , I stealthily made my way to the fort and read “Hoboken Chicken Emergency” from start to finish — until 4 AM or something. It wasn’t that I had to read your books in secrecy or anything — I just thought it would be interesting to read one, in secret, in my closet. Daniel Pinkwater, you were my first literary influence, and one of the reasons why I love to read. Also, you let me know that you can let your mind run willynilly and take you to some strange and complex places and it is a good thing. I can’t believe I am communicating with Daniel Pinkwater. You rule. Thank you!

Daniel replies:

You overwhelm me. I am overwhelmed. Usually, I am whelmed, seldom underwhelmed. This time, like I said. It's a good thing I attained enlightenment before I started seeing posts like yours, or I might become confused as well as overwhelmed. Ah. It's passing already. I feel better. Thanks for expressing your enthusiasm. I will try to do better, and be worthy of such esteem.