Jesse Ross

January 1, 1997

Post #604 – 19970101

Hello, pinky

I would like to say that you are the greatest author in the world, by far. Are you going to write another book in the snarkout boys series? the baconburg(in my opinion) is your best book. I’ve been searching your titles on the internet, but they don’t say if the books are novels or picture books. is there some listing that says how long the books are?

For some strange reason my mom think’s that lizard music is one of the wierdest books she’s ever read, I think she is crazy, but more to the point I think wierdness is the way to go.

Don’t forget you RULE!!

Daniel replies:

Not only is weirdness the way to go, some of us have no other choice. I always thought I would write a third Snarkout book, (tentative working title--I Snarked with a Zombie). I may do it yet. Next, however, I am going to write a sequel to Lizard Music. This is foolhardy, as LM is my most respected book. (This in itself bothers me, as it is my first novel). It would be the usual thing for the sequel to be not quite as good. I am trying to write a sequel that will be a better book. I will try not to forget that I rule.