Bert VanDercar

November 1, 2008

Post #602 – 20081101

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

After exhausting the considerable resources of my public library, and being discouraged by the fiscal and artistic temerity of the “kepitalists” who refuse to reprint older titles or support much-needed sequels (i.e., Alan Mendelson, Boy from Mars), imagine my pleasure at finding “The Education of Robert Nifkin” on the shelves of Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon three weeks ago. And I bought it! Ka-ching! Ok, it was in the remainder section, but still…a sale is sale.

Having your splendid characters back in my family’s life after so long a hiatus was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Sgt. Gunter, the veteran of, I presume, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. Robert’s reading list at the end of his application to St. Leon’s has also proved an inspiration to one of my daughters who is fourteen. She is going to read Joyce’s “Portrait.” I pray for her as I type these words.

Also, thank you for the considerable courage it takes to publish–in installments and at no cost–your newest book, THE YGGYSSEY. Cheers to your publishers as well, and I hope that Sgt. Gunter didn’t have to leave a horse’s head in their lounge to seal the deal.

We intend to buy it in February when the hardback hits the shelves and at full price too, well before its appearance in the remainder section. Honest!

Cheers and keep up the great work!

Daniel replies:

Let this fine reader stand as an example to the world. (I refer to buying hardcover books of mine at full price). God bless you, Bert VanDercar .