October 17, 2008

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater, I hope you are having a good time writing. My favorite book is The Wuggie Norple Story. I like the funny names. Thank you for writing it. You are my favorite author. One day I want to write books like you. Do you have a favorite dog trick that I could teach my dog Teddy?

Thank you again for your books.

Auden (Age 6)

Daniel replies:

Yes! You can teach your dog to read! Really! First teach him to sit. You do this by telling him, ""Teddy, sit!"" and gently helping him to sit. Do this a few times. Tell him ""good dog!"" every time. Then tell him to sit without helping him. If he does it, tell him ""Gooooood dog!"" and pet him. If he doesn't go back to telling him and helping him. Get him so he sits every time you say, ""Teddy, sit!"" When he is really good at this, and sits EVERY time you tell him, (remember to praise him every time, and sometimes even give him a little treat)--then print ""SIT"" on a card. Show him the card, and say, ""Teddy, sit!"" Do this a few times, and then try showing him the card without saying the command. If he does it, praise him and give him a treat. Practice this, and soon he will be able to read the word ""sit,"" and do what it says. You can teach him to read other words the same way. My dog can read, ""sit, down, paw, kiss, speak (bark), and Lulu, which is her name, and she can say it. This trick is great. Our veterinarian almost fainted when we did it for him.