Susan Wright

November 1, 2008

Post #601 – 20081101

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater:

I am a fan of yours, a librarian, and an avid listener to NPR. I really like your stuff on the radio; you’re just so cute.

But enough of that. What I am concerned about right now is Bailey White. I know you are friends and I want to know that she is alright. I haven’t heard her on-air for a loooong time and she is not publishing, it seems. I love her stories and her novels and miss her on the scene. I worry about her. Thanks, Susan Wright

Daniel replies:

Bailey White, last I heard from her, was playing her banjo, raising chickens, and enjoying her dog. I think she writes, or wrote, a column for some gardening magazine. Traditionally, she does a long story on All Things Considered every Thanksgiving. So if you tune in, or check the archive, I bet you can hear her then.