Steve Farnsworth

January 1, 1997

Post #600 – 19970101

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

My wife and I are third grade teachers at the same school. We work right next to each other. And our third graders are chomping at the bit to write to you about how much they love your books. They are reading Lizard Music among other books. If my mail program is working, then they will be writing you soon. It’s so refreshing to read an author who doesn’t belittle children and who speaks to the heart of their issues.

When I grow up (I’m only 33), I want to be as good as you are at writing children’s books. I also love your warm and hilarious humor on All Things Considered. And I love hearing all about your dogs.

In Friendship,

Steve Farnsworth

Daniel replies:

Steve, have the kids write to me at [email address removed] And thanks for the kind words.