David Savitt

January 1, 1997

Post #596 – 19970101

Hi, Daniel. A couple of things. First off, I’ve (quite in violation of copyrights) included a chapter from Fish Whistle on my web page, and I was hoping you could give me your official blessing on that. The URL is www.math.harvard.edu/~dsavitt/dsavitt.html, if you’ld like to see the excerpt in context.

Second, I see in your photograph on the back of Afterlife Diet that you’re wearing a Casio Twin-Graph watch. I went through two or three of those, and was very sad that they stopped making them. Those were some watches, eh?



Daniel replies:

Of course I have no objection to your use of a properly credited excerpt on your web page. I, personally, that is. However, my agents, LitThugs, Inc., will take a dim view of this. Expect to receive a visit from two guys named Augie, who will breathe clam-sauce-breath upon you, make jokes about your appearence and smack your wristwatch. I regret the discomfort you are going to suffer--but we pay for our quotes, one way or another.