Miriam Solon

January 1, 1997

Post #592 – 19970101

There was an amazing production of Lizard Music at a theatre in Chicago a few years ago. I’m having a brain cramp, so I can’t remember the theatre’s name, but they specialize in staging children’s literature in very imaginative productions. I’m going to keep typing until the theatre’s name comes to me.

I’m visiting the website, prompted by your plug on NPR today. I haven’t checked out the audio clips yet, but I hope you have the story about Jill and the wolf and also your appearance in the Nettlehorst Christmas play. Two of my kid cousins went there in the ’60s, and the faculty were still doing things like that (coercing Jewish kids–in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood–into appearing in Christmas pageants).

Ah, the cramp has cleared up. The theatre is called Lifeline. They are in Rogers Park, and they are fabulous.

Love the ratatouille recipe!

Just had one more question for you…

In the Lifeline Theatre production of Lizard Music, your bio was radically different from the info in your bio here and your brief family history. If I log on, say a week from now, will it be a third kind of different? If so, I look forward to it.

P.S.: Even though you say you don’t read anymore, except for Moby Dick, I would recommend Douglas Adams. I’d also recommend him to your readers, as his work is sort of the older kids’/young adults’ version of what you do. Since I still have all my childhood and young adulthood inside of me, I read both.

Daniel replies:

I believe Douglas Adams has remarked that he regards me as his literary model and personal guru, or he said he has heard of me--I forget which.