William A. Broom

January 1, 1997

Post #589 – 19970101

Dear Magister Pinkwater,

Isn’t technology…whatever. Congratulations on your web site, the URL to which I typed into my browser even as you spoke it in your NPR commentary mere moments ago. I was connected your new electronic presence before your commentary was finished and was pleased to find — FINALLY!! — an Opera Omnia Pinkwateri listed there, now available world-wide. Clicky-clicky and voila`!

I have enjoyed repeated readings of “Chicago Days Hoboken Nights” and “Fishwhistle,” and await more published versions of your insightful autobiographical musings. The accounts of your Epiphany before a Jackson Pollock painting and your life among malamutes and maine coon cats have struck a special chord (I prefer the harmonious spelling) with me. If it’s not too presumptuous to ask, could you kindly crank out your publications for us older children a bit faster. I have already seen 50 summers and fear that either of us has an ever more limited engagement in which to enjoy your work.

Yours, enthusiastically awaiting your next publication announcement,

Bill Broom

Daniel replies:

Discipulus Broom -- I do not differentiate. The books are not _for_ young or old, they are for young me! As someone remarked on this page, I contain the child I have been. Others are invited to read with him. Besides, I too am past a half century, and plan to do another 40 or 50, which I suggest you do also, so you can read the