Jeff Williams

January 1, 1997

Post #587 – 19970101

Hello Daniel,

As an advid listener of _All Things Considered_, I had to visit this web-site after your short commentary. I love your commentaries and remember the one where you gave the ingredients of the best mashed potatoes you had ever had. Some guy in a Chicago deli made them; I think. I lost the “recipe,” as I remember you did not have how much of what went into the mashed potatoes, only the ingredients. If you post the “recipe,” I’d be grateful.

Congratulations to Aileron,(ed.–thanks!) who has done a very good job, and congratulations to you, Daniel Pinkwater, for becoming a world citizen of cyberspace.


Daniel replies:

Uhhh, I forget the recipe. Basically, it was mashed potatoes with chopped broccoli--or something. Sort of a no-brainer. Experiment. I don't see how you can go wrong.