Dave Barber

January 1, 1997

Post #586 – 19970101

Dear DP,

I was happy to hear you had a website. I want to thank you for all the great stories you have told over the years on the NPR evening show. During my long alone car ride home, I can see all the visual images you describe. Like the time you trashed the ferry, the time someone next door set off fireworks and they rained down on you, or you went to a special store just to get a polish dog. ( I almost starved to death before I got home. I live on a lake about 90 miles north of Houston, Texas and look forward to your next story. Thanks, Dave Barber

Daniel replies:

Thanks. I enjoy doing the radio job. I'd do it more, and write longer pieces, if they'd air them. atc@npr.org is the address of the program. I don't know why I mention that. Just occured to me for some reason.