January 1, 1997

Post #583 – 19970101

Good evening sir…My name’s Kathy . I’m 16 and i came from a poke-ity town in South Jersey, and my dad’s a librain at a local grade school. He got me into your books, and i’m mad for them. Your imagination is so unbelievable, you’ve inspired me to become a childrens’ book author/illustrator. One day i’m going to give my kids a set of your books. I can’t think of a greater thing to pass on. Sorry if i sound corny and/or like every other message you get. Stay cool, cos you know you are as nifty as they come. Bye… Kath

Daniel replies:

Not only do you not sound corny...my readers are the coolest people on, (though not necessarily from), Earth. You honor me with your high opinion. Thanks. I'll try to do better and be worthy of it.