Alex Muzzy

January 1, 1997

Post #581 – 19970101

Mr Pinkwater, what a joy it is to finally write to you. I can still remember the day that I was in the school library when I first saw “The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror”. The title alone urged me to read it. However the librarian insisted that I read “The Snarkout Boys and the Avacado of Death” first. I didn’t want to, mostly because of an aversion to avacados spawned by my mothers guacamole, but I did anyways.

Just three years ago I managed to track down a copy of that book, at a local library. Can you imagine a 21 year old college student in the young readers section of the library clutching onto a book, hugging it and crying his eyes out? Well that was me.

The world that you created was so wonderful. Where to most people it seemed to be a normal piece of reality, there was – just around the corner – a hidden world of magic and wonder. I have strived to find that hidden world in my own life. And I still hope to one day find myself on Snark Street, and to stop in at the Snark Street Theatre. Or to turn on the TV late at night, only to find Lizards playing music.

Your books shaped my life in incredible ways. I thank you.

On a total side note. I’ve wondered what your feelings would be on someone opening up a Snark Street Theatre. I’ve often thought that such a place is something that this world needs.

Will the Snarkout Boys ever have another adventure? Other than the Chicken Man, have any other characters from that “series” shown up in any of your other books?

Also, if you and your wife are ever in the greater Seattle area I’d love to take the two of you out to dinner. It would be an honor.

With Thanks and Love,

Alec Muzzy

Daniel replies:

You _cried_ when you found the book? A strange coincidence--I cried when I got the royalty statement. Well, you can have a copy, plus 4 other books that hardly made any money the first time, in the collection being touted on this page. I saw a photo of an early movie theater, (which, for some reason, I seem to remember was owned by the brother of Jack London--or is that some misconception?), was called The Snark. Something I was unaware of when I wrote the books. I had planned to write at least one more, ""I Snarked with a Zombie,"" but, you know...publishers. Thanks for checking in, Alex.