Luke Petschauer

January 1, 1997

Post #580 – 19970101

Mr. Pinkwater:

This coming year of my life will be spent in Puebla, Mexico (right by the erupting volcano Popocatepetel, something that thrills my parents) as an exchange student. Have either of your Snarkout Boys books been published in Spanish? Since I can not get my hands on a copy of either book printed in English (something I regret, as I would like to take them with me for use as “pick-me-ups” in the event of homesickness/melancholy moods), I thought it would be amusing to purchase copies in Spanish while in Mexico. Have any of your other books been published in Spanish?

Daniel replies:

I think the only book of mine publihed in Spanish is a limited edition of The Big Orange Splot, published in a whole bunch of languages in the Netherlands. I think Aileron has responded to you vis-a-vis hard-to-get copies of my work. I am willing to sell a few rare copies from my personal stash, for prices slightly more attractive than those asked by some dealers, (over $100!), but the economical move is to order _Daniel Pinkwater, 5 Novels_ at $10.95, and discounted, I believe, by the likes of Amazon--see the section on this site. It's got _Alan Mendelsohn_, _Slaves of Spiegel_, _The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death_, _The Last Guru_, and _Young Adult Novel_. If you're going to live near a volcano, I suggest _The Worms of Kukumlima_, but it's not in this collection. Maybe the next one, if the publisher makes money on the first.