Jack Mills

January 1, 1997

Post #572 – 19970101

Your Hilarity:

While driving along a timber-access road in Wyoming two Fourths of July ago, I was tuned into All Things Considered on National Public Radio and heard the touching and tickling story about your perfect piccolo performance of Stars and Stripes Forever. How can I help you help me obtain a recording of that story?

Daniel replies:

A handy list, which just happened to come my way inicates that the piccolo piece you mention is listed as 9407190210, which I interpret as having aired on All Things Considered on July 19, 1994. If this is so, I believe you can buy a transcript of the entire program of that date for something like 15 bucks, or more than it would cost for a used copy of Fish Whistle or Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights, neither of which contain that commentary, but have quite a few more. Of course, it would not be in the least unusual for NPR to have logged it wrong, or there might be another piccolo piece, not necessarily by me, in which case you'd get I don't know what for your money. You really need to hear it again? For $35, I would call you up and tell it to you, leaving in bits about how the band teacher was an anti-semite, and the hip kids used to smoke pot in the practice rooms, and would never give me any, because I wasn't one, even when I borrowed a saxophone.