Jessica Blankenship

January 1, 1997

Post #568 – 19970101

Mr Pinkwater,

Your book “Young Adult Novel” got me through a very serious illness, not that I medicated myself with it but it gave me something to think about when nurses and doctors played Lets Find The Vein!! (a game more popular than you’d think) and probably prevented me from having to kill them. So on behalf of their continued ability to procreate and respirate I thank you. As for me, the book was the only thing that made me smile for a very long time, and it still does and so do you….

Daniel replies:

It is annoying when they search for your vein in vain. Even humor is a vein that can wane under such venous invasion. Reports such as yours, that a book of mine was of some use, tend to vitalize my vanity. It may be that other sorts of doctors can help you with the fixed smile.