Ian Stoba

January 1, 1997

Post #567 – 19970101

I’m afraid this is a bit of a pedantic question, but could you help me understand the publishing history of Young Adult Novel/Young Adults? I’ve had the August 1991 TOR edition of YA for several years. Yesterday a friend gave me a copy of the November 1985 imprint, also from TOR which includes much more cool stuff like the two Mozart superhero stories, Pigamorphosis, and The Buttoniad. What gives? Why were these parts taken out of the later edition? Which version is used in the new Five Novels collection?

Daniel replies:

Ok, ok. Here it is. Young Adult Novel was published as a hardcover juvenile in 1982. It had no cartoons, no afterword by Ken Kelman, no Mozart stories. This is the version that is included in 5 Novels. The Tor trade paperback contains Young Adult Novel, Dead End Dada, The Dada Boys in Collitch, the cartoons, and all the other stuff. The mass market Tor paperback has just the three components, no frills, in a cheap rack-type paperback format. These are the facts to the best of my recollection.