January 1, 1997

Post #566 – 19970101

Mister Pinkwater Sir,

I am about to enter college this fall as a freshman art student. Do you as a former college art student have any words of wisdom you might be willing to pass on to the younger generation?

Daniel replies:

Yes. I have plenty wisdom about being a college art student. Here is some: Take as many non-art courses as you can. Resist depression--it's a little-known fact that art students tend to become more miserable, and work harder, than anyone but pre-meds. This may be because progress in art is hard to's you can't know if you're learning anything, or anything good, or whether you have any talent. Remember that your teachers, for the most part, are art students who never left. Try to listen to everybody, but don't completely believe anybody. Draw constantly. Cultivate a cheerful attitude. Experiment. Change your major.