January 1, 1997

Post #553 – 19970101


Please excuse my late night ravings and English errors…

I really should read my posts and correct both English and grammar before writing to the SAGE of NPR.

Why the Sage of NPR? It is no simple feat arranging for a frog-pond story starring all of the folks who get more time than 3 min/month!

This apology is directed to both The SAGE of NPR (OK, Andre is a distant second) and all of the web page readers.

Now, how do I find out what happened in that “P”city? I’ll pay. I’ll make a donation to any person, place or thing for the lowdown. I DID not let my mind wander…I happened to be on the way home and when I turned on ATC you were at the end of your 1 minute out of the 5400 I have to filter through each month to gain those pearls of wisdom you cautiously share.

I will never forget the Radio-favor story when your stereo was stolen; the Automotive-fitness manual story and most of the remaining 36 stories per year that you share with us. I just know that the “P” city story must be a classic. How can I beg, borrow, buy or steal that 1 minute of Pinkwater Haiku?

Your Fan,

George R. (Rick) O’Connor

Daniel replies:

I had written a response to your postscript, but the compuserve mail engine was cranky, so it may never have arrived. Such is life, what?