Jean-David Beyer

January 1, 1997

Post #549 – 19970101

I first heard of you late at night on NYC Pacifica station WBAI. I think Bill Watson was the host and you read the entire “Alan Mendelsohn, The Boy From Mars” Perhaps it took more than one night. I could not find it anywhere, but I found the publisher in “Books in Print” and got a copy direct. I have been prosyletizing you since then, too successfully. A friend wants a copy and I understand none are available. Sigh. I ordered “5 Novels” to get an extra copy. Then you read “Lizard Music” on the same show, but it was much easier to get. I have just ordered a few more of your books from Amazon Books.

Thank you for writing them. (I am physically older than you, but I hope about the same spiritual age.)

Daniel replies:

Another case of tricks of auditory memory. It was Watson himself who read those books, not me. I did write them though. Why do you sigh? 5 Novels not only has A.Mendelsohn, but four other books--and it's a paperback. You can easily remove the back cover, slice off the remaining four, then reattach the back cover, change the title with a magic marker--and presto! A copy of your favorite book, and something to start the fire with come chilly nights.