Leslie Demich

January 1, 1997

Post #548 – 19970101

In my daily commute (135 miles round trip), I listen eagerly to NPR, not only for the quality of content, but also for the ability of the commentators to keep me awake at the wheel. It’s a lifesaving technique, you see. Several days ago, the technique nearly backfired when I found myself digging through the glovebox instead of looking where I was driving — I simply HAD to get a pencil and paper. I had just finished listening to you describe your experience in obtaining a home page of your own, and I wanted to write down where to find it. I came close to nailing the guy driving in front of me (and maybe just a little bit the lady to my left), but, as you can see, I found your page.

Which is a long way of saying that it was a pleasure to hear that a young person went to such effort to make something so special happen for someone else. The young man who offered to create your home page did a wonderful job. The page is delightful. More importantly, the person who did this nice thing for you brightened my whole outlook on the day and the times. Thanks for sharing.

(Ed.–Gee, thanks)

Daniel replies:

I agree. Except for low taste in literature, Ed seems to be a fine young man.