Luke Brechtelsbauer

January 1, 1997

Post #541 – 19970101

You seem to have being famous figured out. I don’t see your birthday in the USA weekend, or your girlfriends on the covers of trashy women’s magazines in grocery store checkout lanes. If I am ever famous, I want to be famous just like you. Any tips? (Not on getting famous, I can do that, but on being famous)

Daniel replies:

You know, I was thinking something very similar about my status. Not that I've figured it out...but if you are going to be a writer, or something of the kind, you sort of have to be known, if not famous--and that bites, in most people's cases, but not mine. I think it has to do with the sort of people who tend to be attracted to the work I do, (which reflects well on me and the work). In ten years of broadcasting on NPR, for instance, I have only heard from one annoying jerk...and she was enjoyable! I will tell the conversation, because I got off _such_ a great line. This is verbatim. It followed the broadcast of a piece in which I imitated my father's Russian/Yiddish accent:

caller: Mr. Pinkwater, you have defamed and degraded the Jewish people. You are not talented, and you are not funny.

me: Mother?