David A. Paterson

January 1, 1997

Post #539 – 19970101

A note about “5 Novels” – I went to a bookstore in Toronto a few days ago. Wonder of wonders, their computer system admitted to knowing of your book, and admitted that the bookstore had even ordered copies. My joy was shortlived; none of those copies had ever made it across the 49th Paradox (or is it parallel?) that serves as a border between our two nations. Do you know anything about your books not being shipped into Canada? Or am I merely seeing conspiracies where none exists?


David A. Paterson

Daniel replies:

""A"" bookstore in Toronto? Not a specialist bookstore, likely to carry rare and obscure children's books? Well, there you are. As the the shipment never arriving, it's usually a matter of incompetence rather than conspiracy. I have two words for you, Mr. Paterson: amazon.com (two words and a dot). Thanks for trying. It sickens one a bit to think how many people may have looked for the book, after the two copies suggested by the publisher and ordered by the shop were already sold. (The name of the Toronto bookshop likely to have my stuff escapes me, but I believe it still exists, and might be fun to visit).

[World's Biggest Bookstore, on Edwards Street, may have it -- Ed.]