Emile Barrios

January 1, 1997

Post #533 – 19970101

Mr. Pinkwater:

Heard your interview yesterday on KPBS in San Diego, and I was appalled to find that you had gotten into trouble over imitating your father’s voice.

Here’s one fan who thinks you should do MORE of that type of material. Your NPR commentary that begins “My father spoke no known language…” is my all time favorite. I laugh out loud whenever I hear the now-legendary line “Sonnye, I vant you should invent a fishtvistle so ven you blows de vistle comes de fish, like ven you call de cow ‘Compass, Compass, Compass'”. In fact, I laugh when I THINK about that line.

Thank you for your wonderful work. I hope your new compendium is a best-seller (I’ll do my part).

Daniel replies:

Thanks for your kind words. The new compendium (5 Novels) will be a (modest) success only if people order it. The publisher, like most publishers, actually has no idea how to market a book that is not by Danielle Steele, (whoever that is)--so you're unlikely to see it in stores.

The story, from which Fish Whistle gets its title, is more or less true, and I laugh when I think of it too.