Levent Ozgur

January 1, 1997

Post #531 – 19970101

Hi Mr. Pinkwater…..

I doubt you’ll remember this, but years ago, you received numerous letters from a nerdy sixth grader who was obsessed with your books. You very kindly answered these letters, thus bringing a bit of happiness into his generally lonely life, and then, abruptly, his letters stopped. The kid entered high school, had a good time, graduated and attended NYU film school for a while, until the money dried up. He then moved to Colorado, where he currently attends CU Boulder for a fraction of NYU’s cost. OK,OK, I’m guessing my talking about myself in the third person is fooling no one, for I am that nerdy sixth grader, and I’ve been waiting for years to extend my heartfelt thank you for making that difference in my life. I still look back to your books, endlessly surprised at their wit and wisdom. Hey, I really dig this website!!!!!!!

Daniel replies:

Levent! Colorado is better. NY is played out. I wonder where that Turkish recipe you once sent me is. We never tried it. Great to hear from you again!