Harry Chauss

January 1, 1997

Post #517 – 19970101

Dear Mr Pinkwater,

My wife and I are going to move to Hoboken in January. When we went down there recently (we live in Troy now). I was sort of expecting it to be the way it was when you lived there. . . of course that was quite a while ago, so I’m not really sure what I was thinking. . . At any rate I have two questions:

1) Do you know if any of the cool places that you used to frequent are still in existance?

2) Has the city of Hoboken ever honored you for all of the tireless work that you have done to promote Hobokenocity through the years?

Daniel replies:

1.) I haven't been in Hoboken for a long time. I heard it changed. 2.) In return for my tireless championing of Hoboken, I have not been burned in effigy or tarred and feathered. After Troy, it may seem all right.