January 1, 1997

Post #513 – 19970101

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

I love your commentaries on NPR! In fact that is how I found out about this web page.

I especially liked your series on taking Art classes in college. They were both ridiculously funny, and pitiful at the same time. At some perplexing moments I didn’t know wheter to cry first because I either felt sorry for your attempt at creativity failing (or was it for the poor instructor who had to work with the determined you), or laugh at the whole incredible episode.

My husband now believes that you not only write your children’s books, but illustrate them too (of corse you realize that the closest he ever got to reading one was watching Reading Rainbow)!

Anyway I want to know if that was a true story or just an amusing antidote for the gullible public?

Daniel replies:

See my comments below about studying art. Ridiculous and pitiful is correct...but at least artists sort of realize it. I'm not sure everybody does. I used to illustrate my own books, ignoring loud and sustained public protest. Now my wife does it, and everyone seems to be much happier. It's interesting how the millions of people who have heard my stuff on NPR for 10 years seem not to have any idea that I write books. I try to sneak in mention of the fact now and then in hope they will all buy one, but for some reason, they never catch on. Now that you've caught on, will you please buy one? You could be the start of a trend I much wish for.