Russell Miller

January 1, 1997

Post #512 – 19970101

hi Pink,

I have grown up on you. Don’t feel too bad, I’m only 19. I am one of those creative types who hasn’t figured out what to do yet. Probably writing, but other stuff on the side. I’ve written science fiction, poetry, and 1 lousy screenplay.

I am in the boston area, and will be until late May, when MIT lets out for summer. I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch with me sometime in New York, or Boston if you ever get down round these parts. I figure we’re both jews who like to eat a lot and talk about art and writing, and it would probably be fun.

Plus we could compare and contrast your “red hots” to Proust’s madeleines.

Pick a time and date and email me.

Top 5 reasons you should have lunch with me:

1. I come from the world of science fiction and comic books.

2. I love _Young Adult Novel_.

3. I bought _The Afterlife Diet_. In hardcover. And I enjoyed it despite

what the NYTimes said.

4. You are the only literary celebrity I have yet to meet.

(ok, not entirely true. There’s still Neil Gaiman.)

((But I have met both Williams–Sleator and Gibson, Bruce Sterling,

Joe Haldeman, Orson Scott Card, Alex Jablokov and James Patrick


5. I’ll be famous someday, and you can say you knew me when 🙂


Russell Miller

AKA Charles the Cat, Wild Dada Duck

Daniel replies:

Russell Miller -- Why does everybody think I'm Jewish and like to eat a lot and talk about art and writing? Nobody ever heard of fiction? I happen to be Jamaican, a vegetarian, and took a vow of silence in 1981.

As to lunch--I don't even go to lunch with pretty girl fans, so what chance do you have? (Actually I did have lunch with Mary Sophia Novak, so there are possible exceptions, but you are certainly not one). Isn't it enough that I come here and write replies to everyone's posts? What do you want, my life's blood? Here I am in my waning years, trying to get literature written before the spaceship comes for me, and you want me to sit around in some deli listening to your plans for a big future? I have a good mind to turn you in to the Ego Police, except they're looking for me.