Art Thieme

January 1, 1997

Post #511 – 19970101

M…. Dan, Howdy! This is Art Thieme, New to computer but it’s great trying to say HOWDY this way. Hope ya get it. First time I tried I disabled my computer for 3 days; clicked send in wrong place. Since school I’ve been a folksinger and now am disabled. Can’t pick now;MS> Had an NPR radio show in thr’80s. Was fun some ways; others not. So, if it wasn’t for time we’d have to do everything all at once! For sure, best regards, Art Thieme

Daniel, Howdy! A cement mason friend of mine was tired of kids writing their names in the wet cement. He chased ’em arount the block six times. Came back wheezin’ & puffin’. I told him, “I thought you liked kids!” His answer: “In the abstract, yes. In the concrete, NO!” All the best in ’98, Art Thieme

P.S.–I sang for kids for 22 years through Urban Gateways in Chicago.

Daniel replies:

Hey, Art! I hear you from time to time on Wanda Fisher's weekly folk program out of WAMC in Albany, NY.

Did you know Mike Sideman in Chicago? He's from the neighborhood.