Josh Cohen

January 1, 1997

Post #510 – 19970101

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

At my sister’s suggestion, I am informing you that, at the moment, I am Here. I do not know why she asked me to tell you this, or why you would care at all about my whereabouts, although I am a great fan of yours and currently trying to become a published children’s author (whose style is “a bit TOO much like Pinkwater,” according to one publisher), but as she pays the bills and hs insisted I inform you of my whereabouts, I must duly comply. So, if you need to contact me for any reason, please contact me Here.

Please note, though, that I do not intend to remain Here indefinitely. Tomorrow, for instance, I might be There, or possibly Elsewhere, and I have long range plans eventually to be Somewhere Else Entirely. But for the moment, you may contact me Here. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

Josh Cohen -- How can one be too much like Pinkwater? If you ask me, the main problem with this world is that too many people are not enough like Pinkwater. I think the publisher was just trying to insult you.