Jane Greer

January 1, 1997

Post #507 – 19970101

Dear Mr. Pinkwater: Several summers ago, my husband and I were driving in the hills of North Dakota and listening to you tell a story about how your dog used to play a game with you when you drove, trying to stick his nose into your pocket. We were laughing, crying, and driving at the same time. No, we didn’t crash — but we DID go behind a big hill before your story was finished, and the radio signal was interrupted. We never heard the end of the story. Is there any way I could get a transcript or at least get you to finish the story for us? The human/dog friendship you described gave me goosebumps. If I need to send somewhere for a transcript, just tell me where. Thank you.

Daniel replies:

Jane Greer -- Amazing what people remember! The story, about my dog Jacques, the greatest Sneaky-Nose player of the age, doesn't so much end, as I recall, but sort of fizzles out. However, it seems to have struck a chord with some. My radio producer, who works on the new Chinwag Theater with me, mentioned that very piece the other day, so I guess we'll be using it. So...all you have to do is get your local public radio station to take on the program, (it's free for the first year, I believe), listen faithfully, and you will hear the Sneaky-Nose piece again. Speaking of sneaky, notice how subtly I slipped the ad into this reply?